Begin your study of the world’s best-loved instrument today! I offer individual, personalized lessons in a supportive, positive, constructive atmosphere.

The violin is the perfect training instrument for children to begin their musical studies. The violin is available in many sizes and children as young as four can be fitted up with a violin that suits their needs and which will not strain their developing hands and arms. Learning to play the violin also trains the ear and memory in a way that other instruments do not.

Lessons are a 1/2 hour in length for beginners and increase to 45 minutes and one hour as the student advances to higher levels. In the case of younger students, I prefer it if a parent remains for the lessons so that they can help with practicing at home.

I teach 7 days a week and even though my schedule is usually full, vacancies do occur throughout the year. I teach all ages whether publicly, privately or home schooled and adults whether beginner or advanced. Also, I teach all styles depending on a student’s desire.

$80 an hour
$60 for 45 minutes
$40 for 30 minutes