“Thank you for teaching me fantastic techniques and introducing beautiful songs. I had wonderful time learning and playing with you” ~ Jeany Jang

“When I first walked into your house some 7 or 8 years ago I would’ve never known that I was going to play the violin for so long and like it so much that I would even go into university with it. Thank you for all your teachings and encouragements. You make your students love music and love learning the violin. I wish that one day, I would grow to become a teacher like you.”  ~ Rebekah Lee

“Teaching has become my passion and for the most part I owe it to my violin instructor, Peggy Hills – an excellent adjudicator, a true mentor and a friend for life.” ~ Vira Burmenko

“We appreciate your great teaching which gave Eve excellent violin skills that provide her an eye-opening opportunity role in CIF-MF (the annual music festival played by top selected music students in private school of Ontario) in the past two years. Thank you very much.” ~ Sean Peng

“I would like to thank you for your immense generosity, for every wise word of advice, for every encouragement, for every glass of water you had ready for me and for never giving up on me. You are both an incredible teacher and human being. As I go off to university I will forever take with me the lessons you have taught me, the wisdom you have bestowed upon me and the unfailing generosity you have blessed me with.” ~ Adrian Noronha